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added new gallery of Godiva's painted by Tom!

*Edition size is: 150 pieces, plus 10 artist proofs for Morgen Kilbourn (sculptor).

She is being offered now for sale through Tom Bainbridge through his yahoogroup (click here to join).

Godiva is being molded/cast by MVS Resin and will be hollow cast with wire reinforcement in quality resin.



*Tom is preselling 50 unpainted copies through his yahoogroup to help fund her immediate molding and body casting. Doing this will expedite her production and get bodies to individuals quicker. The quicker she gets molded and out to buyers, the sooner everyone can personalize their copy and she can hit the show ring.

*Deposits are being accepted immediately, once all 50 slots have been spoken for Tom will stop taking reservations for Phase I. Future sales may be subject to different conditions and options from this phase (Phase I), decided at the time of their release.

If you are interested in purchasing a Godiva please join his yahoogroup for current pricing and availability information.


Please note that policies below these apply to all purchases of this resin. Details on current availability and prices can be obtained directly from Tom's yahoogroup.

When I receive blank Godiva(s) to fill your order, I’ll notify you via email (only) and please respond within 2 days via email (only) to confirm your purchase. If you do not respond with 48 hours, you'll be put to the end of the list and the next person in line will be notified. Upon notification, you have 7 working days to send full balance payment, meaning that payment must be post-marked/paid by the 7th day. If your payment is late, you will be put at the end of the list and the next person will be notified. You will then be added to the next available shipment of bodies. If you are unable to pay balance when notified please just let me know and I will slip you down to the bottom of the list and will allow others to that slot. You will have another chance at the end of the list, but please ... I can only do this one time and not make it indefinite. You are welcome to make several smaller payments while you wait for your slot to come available, if you like. Some extended time payments are available for the balance, although the initial deposit will remain the same. I reserve the right to refund payments for any reason, at any time.

*My relationship is with you only. Please do not entangle me with other people or purposes. If you do, I will cancel your order. Entanglement includes, but not limited to:

* You cannot trade, sell or otherwise barter your “slot” for Godiva; you can only cancel the order.
* If you pre-sell your Godiva, all liability, including those for refunds or reimbursements, lies with you entirely, even if things go awry and I have to cancel or change the distribution of the edition in a way that negatively affects you.
* I will only accept payment from you and will only ship Godiva(s) directly to you; I won’t accept payment from various individuals on your behalf and I won’t send Godiva(s) to second hand individuals.

*I reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, for any reason, with no prior notification; an order does not entitle or guarantee a Godiva(s) to anyone. Also be aware that a rush emergency on your part doesn’t translate into a rush emergency on my part, and visa versa. I also reserve the right to sell or distribute unpainted Godiva(s), at any time or manner, for any reason. Furthermore, I reserve the right to increase Godiva's selling price in the future to reflect changes in shipping costs, production costs, current market trends, etc. However, once your deposit is paid you are "locked in" at that price and it cannot be increased.

*Phase II distribution will be decided upon later, it may follow these same guidelines or there may be some changes implemented. The above price, distribution, availability, etc. is for the first 50 pre-sale pieces (Phase I) only.

*Morgen Kilbourn (sculptor) retains all copyright to the Godiva sculpture. This allows Morgen to release traditional scale Godiva in other mediums (bronze, china, plastic, spaghetti, etc.). Morgen also maintains the right to release different scale resin Godiva's at her discretion. These will be noticeably different visually from the traditional scale here to maintain integrity to edition.

*Every measure to ensure a quality and accurate casting of the original has been taken, but you have a 3 day inspection period during which you may return your Godiva(s) for a full refund of the purchase price (sans shipping if not Priority PO) if you’re not totally satisfied with the castings. You must return your Godiva(s) in perfect condition, with the same careful manner he was shipped to you, along with a written explanation of why you are dissatisfied. This offer is void if the 3 day inspection period has expired or if the piece has been finished, customized, exhibited/shown, resold or if return shipment handling was inadequate and caused loss or damage.

*No future warranties are offered or implied as to resin composite quality or durability.I strive to produce the best product I can, however, longevity of resin is an unforeseen situation. Thomas Bainbridge is notresponsible for any future potential warpage, or detioration of resin casting. No refund or replacements are offered following your 3 day inspection period.

*PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR A SMALL WAIT PERIOD --- the horse has to be molded and then 50 bodies cast to fill each order in Phase I and that takes time. MVS is a very reputable and timely casting business, however, they do supply allot of the hobby with it's resin wares and have previous customers and orders to fill as well. Patience is a virtue and should anyone grow tired of waiting then a refund is always available. I like to think ... good things come to those who wait :)

Any questions? Please feel free to write and ask.

All purchase requests should be addressed to: Please put "Godiva reservation" in the subject line. Thank you! tom


CUSTOMIZATIONS: I wouldn't be in this hobby if it weren't for customizing Breyers & I feel I would be a hypocrite to claim that my art is any better than any other artist's work, even mass producted pieces - so go for it! I am referring here to changes to individual resins, such as a ear moved or manes and tails being redone - or complete rearrangments of one individual piece purchased.... CASTING anything derived from my art is a different story - see thoughts on this type of work below.

PLEASE NOTE - DERIVATIVES AND LIKENESSES: I do NOT endorse any artist who attempts to recreate a derivative or 'likeness' of my sculptures in any scale or media, be it from scratch, a Breyer or Stone plastic model, or another artist's resin customization. There are plenty of ways to sculpt any of these poses I've done and still have it look terribly different from my own ideas. Intentional attempts at reproducing any type of likeness to any of my sculptures will not be tolerated. Intentional copying is wrong. Period.

IT'S THE LAW THOUGH! Please make sure that my signature mark is not removed (located on her belly) and that credit for the original is still given to Morgen Kilbourn. Absolutely no casting reproductions of any resins or derivatives of my resins will be allowed. All images on this site have been submitted and are credited to their original photographer or are the exclusive property of One Horse Productions and Morgen Kilbourn. ABSOLUTELY no linking to these images!!! Please ask to use photos. Please send any corrections and updates to


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