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List of Painters Available to Finish Your Resin

Looking for an artist who takes commission orders to paint up one of my resins? I provide this to support the artist's who have so faithfully supported me and hopefully give them more business in the future. The information below may be out of date. Painters please send me updates if your circumstances change!

ant to be added here? See my note at the bottom of this page for info on what to submit to me.

Sara Bercier

Lauren Morris

Studio Name: Kingyo Customs

Specialty: I Specialize in the "tiny" horse, Micro Mini, Bantam, SM and Little Bit sized horses. I work primarily in Artist Quality Pastels, Acrylics, and colored pencil. I love painting any pinto pattern and appaloosas, especially tobianos and leopard appaloosas. I strive to create unique and highly detailed horses for my patrons that will last for years to come! .

Price ranges: The prices vary depending on scale, and complexity of coat color and pattern. Please See my website listed below.

Books: Open

Website / contact:,

Sara Bercier

Lisa Shepard (Rivera)

Specialty: All media, mostly painting in oils, with pencil detail, acrylic detail, can airbrush too! Horse shoes, etc.

Price ranges: Affordable, depends on size, color, pattern, etc, but ranges from $75.00ppd to $150.00ppd and up for really difficult/detailed. Everything is ppd/ins pd to make it easier! :)

Books: open at the moment, ask, I don't overload myself, because I have a regular full time job, too.

Website / contact: Lisa Shepard Studios on Facebook, Model Horse Gallery for older pieces:The Lisa Sheperd Gallery (last named mis-spelled) my email for inquiries: thanks for looking!

Sara Bercier

Jen Olp

Studio Name: Jolt Studios

Specialty: Finish Work, Customizing, Portraits, and Repairs. I paint primarily in oils, however, each piece dictates the media and most of the time, it is mixed media.

Price ranges: All prices are on a piece by piece basis. Each quote includes prepping and white markings on solid colored horses.

Books: Books are always open, turn around time depends on the complexity of the paint job but typically 30-60 days.

Website / contact: or email

Sara Bercier

Kristin Verbonus

Studio Name: Steil Bay Studio

Specialty: Finishwork using airbrush, mixed media (acrylics, pastels, pencil), hand detailing, since 2005.

Price ranges: Depends on piece, but can be as low as $100 on up to $400, depending on size and detailing.

Books: Usually booked out 3 to 4 months at a time, but feel free to inquire anytime!

Website / contact:

Sara Bercier

Karen Bartholomew aka Karen Dietrich

Studio Name: KL Keepsakes

Specialty: Guaranteed quality finishwork and restoration of all mediums for the shower , competitor and for collecting. Model horses with that soft real life look with Non muted popping color and detail work. Allowable mixtures of Airbrush, cosmetics, pastels, and Derwent brand pencils. I use Chroma, Jo Sonja and Golden paints and top quality primers and sealers designed for work that will be heavily admired and touched. As a restoration artist I strive for the best in quality sealing procedures. My work has won many national Championships, Top ten awards But most of all the hearts of adults and children.. Owned horses and ponies all my life..Trained and showed successfully in all breeds and shown in all seats of riding from the age of 6. raised belgians and show ponies for years, and still have horses to this day and judge at a fair once in a while. Career in graphic and visual arts.

Price ranges: SM start at $90, Traditional start at $140 for solid colors. I specialize in detail, love to do Apps and complex colors.

Books: Painting/Restorations Openings vary depending on work schedule.

Website / contact: for information
Facebook site:

Sara Bercier

Christina Riley

Studio Name: Art by C. Riley

Specialty: I use a variety of mixed media such as pigments, acrylics and oils in order to create a beautiful end result that suits the unique character of each piece. I love the pizazz of crazy and intricate patterns and specialize in Pintos, Appaloosas and the like. I'm always willing to take on a fun challenge, try something new and help customers bring their unique ideas to life!

Price ranges: Please visit my website for current example price chart. (

Books: Books open and close frequently so please visit my website for current booking availability. (

Website / contact:

Sara Bercier

Kim Swanson-Wice

Studio Name: NOW DATZA

Specialty: My first objective is to create a horse that has been commissioned to be exactly what the customer wants. To make people happy with their newly created custom is one of the greatest joys of being an artist. I do many resculpted pieces as I love to create "one of kind" pieces. I paint primarily with an airbrush using acrylics, as well as hand done pastels and pencils and love doing very intricate detailed work.

Price ranges: Prices depend on the detail work needed or if you want a resculpted piece.

Books: I only take maybe 7 commission pieces a year. The rest are what I want to create. Email me and we'll talk!

Website / contact: Email: Website: Photobucket Galleries: Yahoo Group:

Sara Bercier

Sara Bercier

Studio Name: RockingShip Studio

Specialty: My paintwork creations are typically completed in a mixture of media. I painted mainly in oils for a while; but I have been dabbling in pastels and acrylics more and more as of late. So, now desired color dictates the media I use on the model. Due to time constraints, I have had limited time to complete multiple models (or regularly update my site - please conact me for most recent examples of my work). I have been painting since 2006, and I feel my skill level improves with every model.

Price ranges: Since I am not a well-known artist, I try to reflect this in my prices. I paint Stablemate scale to Traditional scale, and offer prepwork services as well. Stablemate paintwork starts at $55, and Traditionals start at $150 and go as high as $350 for super-complex color/pattern mixtures (Prices include very simple prepping and return shipping/insurance in the USA). Simple customizations can be discussed, as well. Partial or full trades for certain Breyers, bodies, resins, and the occasional china may be an option depending on my situation. :)

Books: contact me at to inquire about and schedule a commission.

Website / contact:

Kimberly Bleecker

Kimberly Bleecker

Studio Name: Total Image Equine

Specialty: The mediums I use to get that realistic effect is in oils, airbrush, pastels, enamels and acrylics. I mostly use oils. It takes longer, but with the many layers I get a wonderful "live" flesh look.

Price ranges: Prices run from $60 - $300 I paint everything from the Mini Whinnies to the Traditional scale. The higher prices are for the Peacock App and the Rabicano Roans. I enjoy all the colors, including double dilutes.

Books: I do take commisions. I will even do timepayments and trades. There is a want list on my website.

Website / contact:

Bev Manderfeld

Bev Manderfeld

Studio Name: River Bluff Studios

Specialty: Smooth airbrushed models from SM to Trad. Specializing in proper foal coat colors. In house prepping and resculpting available. National champion quality for reasonable prices! Also offering medallion painting in oils.

Price ranges: $100-200, medallions by quote starting at $25. Can be tempted with trades for unpainted resins and all things clinky.

Books: Open. 1-2 month turnaround average, longer during real horse show season (April-Sept)

Website / contact: / For historical reference only:

Carol Huddleston

Carol Huddleston

Studio Name: Prairie Dream Studio

Specialty: Top quality, highly detailed paintwork in oils and mixed media

Price ranges: Individual quotes per piece. Base prices (solid color) start at $175 for minis and $400 for traditionals, with extra markings, patterns, dapples etc. for additional price. Extensive minis can run $350+, extensive Traditional size over $1000.

Books: Occasional openings announced on Yahoo mailing list

Website / contact: / Commission/Sales Announcements:

Myla Pearce

Myla Pearce

Studio Name: Half Fast Farms

Specialty: Museum quality finishwork for the discerning collector and competitor. Models that look life like with incredible detail and color. Mixed media including airbrush, oils, pastels, and pencils. I use lightfast paints and top quality primers and sealers designed for work that will be heavily campaigned. My work has won many national and international championships. Was a breeder/trainer for 25 years and a farrier for 16, so I love to shoe model horses too! Have a BA in art and art history.

Price ranges: SM start at $300, Traditional start at $500 for solid colors. I specialize in detail, love to do Paints, Apps and complex colors.

Books: Openings announced on my yahoo group at:

Website / contact:
Half Fast Farms

Sue Kern

Sue Kern

Studio Name: Sakori's Customs

Specialty: Drastic customs, one-of-a-kinds, and expressing the more unusual side of the equine. Pieces are completed with airbrush, pastel and pencil with a turn around for a drastic piece in about 2-6 weeks.

Price ranges: Prices start as low as $65 for Stablemate and $110 for Traditional with paintwork completed in about 1 week.

Books: Always open

Website / contact:

Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams

Studio Name: Shadowbrook Creations

Specialty: Pastel and airbrushed paintwork, customs, resculpting manes and tails. Creating one of a kind horses for the show ring.

Price ranges: Prices start at $500.00 for Classic scale and go up with details like appy or pinto markings. I allow time payments of up to 6 months on commission work. I am always willing to work with clients on what works best for them...I rarely paint the smaller Stablemate scale models as commissions. Classic and Traditional size are my favorites to paint.

Books: Usually closed, but I have been opening them more lately. I run an ad on the Model horse sale pages and on my website under News when I have slots available.

Website / contact:

Sheryl Leisure

Sheryl Leisure

Studio Name: Horse-Power Graphics, Inc

Specialty: Acrylic Air Brush Painting, Colored Pencil and Pastels. I also do logo design, sculpt and do flat art animal portraiture.

Price ranges: Custom painting a Traditional horse starts at $150. Average price is $250-$300. Can go up to $750. depending on the amount of detail needed.

Books: Openings generally within 4-6 weeks. Once model is received, turn around time is generally 6 weeks.

Website / contact:

Sheri Rhodes

Sheri Rhodes

Studio Name: Mountain View Studios

Specialty: Airbrushed acrylics with realistic contrasts, hand-painted markings, facial details in pastels by request. Known for my dapple greys and shaded chestnuts. My work is proven as live show champions and NAN Top Tens and NAN Champs/Res.

Price ranges: $150 275, depending on size and color.

Books: Usually open, unless I have a large backlog. Please contact me to see when I can paint a horse for you.

Website / contact:

Donna Lorello

Donna Lorello

Studio Name: Arcadian Creations

Specialty: I work in mixed media (acrylics, pastels, colored pencils) choosing methods depending on what I need to accomplish. Live show quality/NAN-qualifying work. 30+ years in the hobby. I have a special affinity for painting appaloosas and love the challenge of something unusual and different.

Price ranges: $50 - $300 depending on size of model and if prep work is required (let me know if I need to elaborate per size)

Books: Currently closed but will reopen ~ March/April - join my Yahoo group for all updates and special offers

Website / contact:
Yahoo Group -
email: OR

Sandra Hottinger

Sandra Hottinger

Studio Name: C.S.Richmond Studios

Specialty: C.S.Richmond Studios....equine paintwork with soul....personality... and fire. 100% hand painted and hand detailed 3-D equine paintwork created using rich glowing oil colors and other specialized painting mediums. Top of the line finishwork created with an emphasis on workmanship, intricate hair by hair microfine detailing, and 100% color matching ability in equine portraiture color transfer from live horse photos to customers 3-D equine sculpture. I love a good paintwork challenge and I thrive on detail. C.S.Richmond Studios...the quality shows.

Price ranges: Prices based on a case by case me for price quote.

Books: I accept commissions as openings permit. Please check my website for current commission availability. Be sure to join my C.S.Richmond Studios Yahoo group for email notices on available paintwork openings and sales items.

Website / contact:

Karen Zorn

Karen C. Zorn

Studio Name: Zorn Art Studio

Specialty: Rich, deep, vibrant color created with mixed media; ultra-smooth, meticulous details; and durable finish. Minor resculpt work is available on resins. Portraiture available.Occasional sales via my Yahoogroup, including the occasional Custom. My work has many Overall Championships. as well as NAN Top Tens and Championships.

Price ranges: Mini solid colors start at $199, traditional solid colors start at $350. Dapples, pintos, roans, and appaloosas are priced based on complexity of the pattern.

Books: I'm a full-time equine artist, commissions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please check out my website for details. Generally booking 6 months in advance.

Website / contact:

Chris Nandell

Chris Flint (Formerly Chris Nandell)

Studio Name: Beau Cheveaux Creations

Specialty: I work in the most durable, time honored media - Oils. I create pieces designed to provide lasting enjoyment for more than a lifetime. Many of my pieces created in the early 1980's are still as beautiful as the day they were finished and are still competing and winning today!

Price ranges: I only accept commissions in Traditional and Classic Scales) Prices start at $300.00. Please see my web site for pricing information and policies Turnaround time is normally 2 - 4 weeks.. Click the link for "Custom Painting Commissions".

Books: Available painting sots can be seen on my web site. Click the link for "Custom Painting Commissions".

Website / contact:

Corinne Senko

Corinne Senko

Studio Name: Prairie Wind Stables

Specialty: I have been painting models for about 7 years. I use acrylics, pastels and pencils. Always looking for ways to improve and expand! I enjoy decorating bases with scenic turf, grass and rocks. My customs have been very successful in the show ring, including a NAN Championship in Workmanship! Great attention is paid to the final details.

Price ranges: Stablemates start at $85 and Traditionals start at $150 for basic colors. Options such as dapples and pinto markings are additional. Prepping not included in price, but is offered for a fee.

Books: We'll say 'limited openings'. I really don't want to turn anyone away, but I don't want to end up with too big of a backlog either, so please contact me to see what my current wait time is.

Website / contact:
Webshots : Email :

Amanda Brock

Amanda Brock

Studio Name: Rogue Horse Studio

Specialty: I work primarily in mixed media, with the bulk of the painting done in pigments and pastels. Roans, bays, and chestnuts are the colors I enjoy painting the most, but I am always up for interesting projects!

Price ranges: Prices vary depending on scale and intricacy of the pattern being painted. Traditionals start at $300, minis at $150, all pricing is listed on my site.

Books: Limited, but I usually open for a few small batches each year.

Website / contact:

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer L. Scott

Studio Name: Aspen Leaf Studios, LLC

Specialty: Creating pieces of the highest quality in durable oils. I add details and enhancements in acrylics, pigment, and oil pencil. I love hair by hair details. My pieces are rich and vibrant yet still incredibly realistic. I also sculpt quality resins to put these paint jobs on.

Price ranges: Not cheap, but worth every penny! Prices will vary depending upon color and scale.

Books: Currently my books are closed, however I do take on the occasional piece via my mailing list: I can also be bribed to take on a commission with the right amazing piece.

Website / contact:

Liesl Dalpe

Liesl Dalpe

Studio Name: Phaze Studio: Art by Liesl Dalpe

Specialty: Hand painted pieces in custom-made acrylics.

Price ranges: varies on size/pattern.

Books: Commission books currently closed however I do accept them occasionally-- the yahoogroup has updates!

Website / contact:

Katie Langford

Katie Langford

Studio Name: KLANG[horse]

Specialty: My main focus is creating realistic finished in pastels, pigments, and acrylics. Recently though, my interests have started to shift into creating OOAK drastic customs. In the end my overall goal is to continue working in the hobby I love, creating standout live show quality pieces for clients.

Price ranges: Varies depending on scale and color. Contact for an exact quote.

Books: Open!

Website / contact: