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Catalog of Sculpted Works

This was formerly my page of past resin editions that are now closed but I'm going to update it with more information. I'm also going to add in works that are currently still available. A few of the "closed" edition sculptures will see life again in slightly modified form - as bronze or china editions. I like to create new work for new releases as often as possible though so you won't see too much of that.

Also, there are a great number of non-resin non-reproduced sculptures that will be added here soon. I've decided to mostly leave off illustrations and paintings from this page. Those can be seen off of my bio page where I link to samples of my old graphic design and illustration work, and a resume of my commercial and corporate experience.


Sly Lassie

1:24 scale fiesty young Irish Tinker / Gypsy Vanner mare

Available to order in white unpainted resin! Click here


Bobby Jo - for Reeves International / Breyer Model Horses

Released in the summer of 2015 Breyer's new spinning stock mare mold "Bobby Jo " was released as a Premier Club special first in limited edition. Ordering is closed for this premier release but information can be seen here on their website. Bobby Jo molds might be seen in stores as soon as 2016 but very likely will be sold in stores in the future (the same as Wyatt below).



4 inch wide medallion

Handful of copies sold through the studio outlet page in Dec 2014. Edition still to be released in the future possibly around holidays!



Ranch Mare - Two Versions

Traditional 1:9 scale at 14.5 inches long from toe to tail and approximately 9 inches tall she's game to tackle literally any job and kinda looks cute doing it too!


Available to order in white unpainted resin! Click here




10 inches tall and 16.5inches long, he is a full sized 1:9th scale Warmblood!

Preorders only have been sold to date but an open ordering period for a limited time will be coming in March. View all photos and details here



Wyatt - for Reeves International / Breyer Model Horses

Released in the spring of 2014, Breyer's new mold "Wyatt" will be released as a Premier Club special first in limited edition. Ordering is closed but information can be seen here on their website. This mold is now available in stores in various colors and model names.





2.5 inches tall at the tippity tip of his mane, by 4 inches long

Released in the fall of 2013. Feisty little 1:32 scale Andalusian stallion tossing his head defiantly but ready to win his way into your heart. He fits easily in the palm of your hand!

Pixel's gallery and archived sales information can be viewed here. Click here




Limited time edition
At 1:16 scale (curio sized), this vivacious handful represents a young
athletic mare valiantly swimming her heart out. On her seaweed base she stands just over 8 inches tall and from her nose (or water) to streaming tail is nearly 8.5 inches long. Because the option of magnets to hold her to this base is a bit unsual I've made an interactive video as well.

To order click here


Iberian stallion in classic scale, (1:12) 7.5" tall, 8" long

Sold exclusively through Destriers by Design, Morgen has no involvement or information on the timing, availability, prices or any aspects of the sales of this resin.

Three versions were created; fully braided (as shown left), loose hair (inset) and hair prepped.

All rights to Nemo belong to Destriers by Design and he is sold exclusively through them. To order email Wendy Galbreath at:

For more photos; click here.


Maxixe de Barrios

~7" tall small 1:9 scale Criollo stallion

2 month Limited time edition - Offered from April - June 2012
More images & archival information here


2012 edition bas relief ornament
information here


(sire; Wild Again, dam; Mimbet) $1,065,322 in career earnings. 1997 Breeders' Cup Sprint winner, the 1990 gelding came to Our Mim's Retirement Haven (OMRH) in Oct of 2011. Our Mim's was Elmhurst's grandmother and the organization was founded in her name so they are thrilled to provide a retirement home for her accomplished grandson.

This 2011 sculpture is a hanging ornamental medallion is being sold as a fundraiser by OMRH, a 501(c)3 charity that houses retired Thoroughbreds.



Baroque Horse Bust

6.86" tall (on base) by 4.5" wide

2011 Sculpture produced only to date in cold cast metals mounted to marble bases in various color combinations. Currently offered in a few galleries and through occassional sales, such as eBay.

Available to order in white unpainted resin! Click here


Little Man Mango ~ 1:9 scale
Limited time resin edition is closed, it ran for 4 weeks from May 10th, 2011 through to June 7th 2011. Edition closed at around 100 sold with 10 artist's proofs. More images of this work

Still available to order in Bronze
Limited quantity (15) bronze on custom cut base edition with variations for you to chose from!



1:9 scale pony -
This lil' fellow with the beseeching eyes stands just a hair over 5 inches tall (at the tippy tip of his hopeful nose) and just under 7 inches long at the end of his tail. He's a mischievous little devil of a gelding who has certainly gotten his share of treats and who also knows how to charm you out of just a few more! Kipling represents one of those smallest of equines found the world over who somehow seem to have the most colossal personalities!

Prices started at $175 ppd (or $155ea for multiples) and only required a $50 deposit to reserve a copy)
Archived ordering information here (for time payments still to be completed) Edition closed at around 100 sold with 10 artist's proofs.
Offered in resin only from Sept 1st through Oct 2nd 2011

Now being produced in Fine Bone China - view here


This is a very limited edition "Joe Reed II" memorial tile, I made these for my aunt and family. Currently I'm creating a new website with video footage from the 40's of the real stallion and some of my extended family (I actually have ~ 20minutes of footage to pare down). This is unique enough to have film of a breed's foundation stallion in his prime and so the site will be more about the horse and his people than the tiles.
Read a little more on this here


~4" tall relief bookend style medallion elief bookend style medallion

Was available unpainted in 2011 - some painted copies to be offered in 2012

3.5" tall x 4.5" long Bas relief ornament sculpted in 2010

Limited edition of 1 mold run

  Serendipity Bas relief ornament
Edition closed on Dec 31st 2010 at one mold run.
» view larger


Johann 1:9 scale

Note the piece to the left was finished and mounted by special order for a customer. The resin edition was normally sold in unpainted white that needs to be finished.

The all American riding & driving horse
Limited edition of 1 mold run
Making available to the public Feb 8th,


2010 Limited special one mold run edition - less than 75 castings (~5 retained as artist's proofs)
Young Egyptian Arabian mare named after her pose, which is represented in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as a striking cobra.
view gallery


2009 Limited special run edition - 75 castings
(5 retained as artist's proofs)
Derivative sculpture of "Flitwick", this jumping pony was sold as a benefit for a region's year end championship show. 20 castings were sold in advance to cover costs and the remaining edition was sold exclusively at the show. It was sold only with the oval base shown.
view gallery


bitty bosco
Released in Dec of 2008 Limited one year timeframe edition - 350 castings
(335 sold to the public and 15 artist's proofs)
Original 1:9 sculpture was digitally reduced, printed and then all details were resculpted, such as individual hairs and wrinkles.

Archived galleries, measurements and sales details can be found here.


Spring of 2008 Limited edition - less than 150 castings (Limited to 2 molds) (10 artist's proofs), closed in 2010. Hazel is a traditional (1:9) scale galloping sporthorse mare.
The term "sporthorse" means she is a portrait of the real horse "Hazel". The real gal is a registered "American Warmblood" draft cross and who started out life as a rescued "PMU" foal. Her Heinz 57 lineage is suspected to be 1/4 draft & TB/QH although it's very unclear. She definitely has some QH and draft traits but this sculpture was designed to capture her very real "do it all" mare powerhouse nature!

Archived galleries, measurements and sales details can be found here.

  Echo Bas relief ornament
Limited edition of 1 mold run
» view larger


dinky duke
2006 Limited Time Edition (10 month) closed April 15th 2007 with ~275 sold to the public and ~15 artists proofs retained by Morgen. Half passing TB Stallion in 1/23rd scale (he's 3.5" tall)~ (large Stable Mate Sized/Little Bit sized). Original 1:9 sculpture was digitally reduced, printed and then all details were resculpted, such as individual braids and wrinkles.
» view gallery


Godiva is an exclusive Thomas Bainbridge offering of a Morgan mare. Godiva, was a commissioned sculpture for Tom Bainbridge. Initial information page here however the edition is nearly sold out.

Please contact Tom for further details ~ may no longer be available



Limited Time Edition closed after 9 months on Sept 06 Curio scale jumping pony gelding Optional rock wall base was sold separately. Solid cast resin with reinforcing stainless steel rods. At closing ~200 were sold to the public with ~20 artists proofs retained by Morgen
» view gallery


El Embosco "Bosco" for short 1:9 scale Kiger mustang stallion 2005 Limited edition of 200 castings sold out in 72 hours (190 sold to the public and 10 artist's proofs)
» view gallery


Deputed Duke
1:9 scale Thoroughbred stallion portrait
2004 Limited resin edition of 2 molds/120 castings which were sold from July 2004 through Sept 2004 (110 sold to the public and 10 artist's proofs)

» Some Fine Bone China pieces may still be available - click here for more information.

Baby Sondae 1:32 scale Long yearling filly bucking 2003 Released as an edition of 1 mold run ~60 castings

  Atlas 2003 Released as a one mold edition limited edition to 18 castings (16 sold to the public)