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About "Max"
A small 1:9 scale Criollo horse standing just under 7.25 inches tall. Max is my vision of the working South American cow pony who knows he's handsome and likes to show off a little! ;) He's anxious to get moving & is tossing his head in that truly masculine Spanish breed way. To learn the meaning and a to hear a pronunciation of the name "Maxixe de Barrios" (to me it seems to sound like 'Mah she-sheesh day Bar-e-os"), learn more about this sculpture's inspiration and see gorgeous examples of the Criollo horses and their various breed types (and foundation stock) please visit my blog post here.

Edition Information

Castings will be professionally hollow cast with wires.

Being sold as an open edition for a very limited period of time - when edition closes the casting number is final.


Minimum reservation deposit: $50
payment in full not due for 9 months

$235 postage not included

or $225 each for multiples


  • Postage in the US $15 for up to 3 castings per box
  • International First Class $20 for up to 3 castings per box
  • International Priority $40 for up to 3 castings per box

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Payment Information & Terms

Reservation deposits are $50 and no horse will be marked as reserved without this deposit fee. A casting is made to order with your deposit and thus reservations are non-refundable.

You may pay off the balance of your order at any time and casting will be shipped immediately.

If you wish to use any discounts for paid in full please contact me first to confirm price. Any applied discounts will be applied to the entire price but reservation deposits of $50 must be paid first. However when you place your reservation do give notice of intention to use said discount.


Payment Methods Accepted

Payments can be made by paypal or by mailing a check or money order to me directly. Please email me for my current snail mail address when mailing any check and money order payments as we will be moving.

Please send all inquiries to both of the following two email addresses;;

Paypal payments should be addressed to

Please note: I always ask that customers help ensure nothing slips through the cracks by keeping track of their purchase balance when making payments in any form in a note with the payment. Dates of payments with the remaining balance due are best so that no payment is ever lost or entered incorrectly. And to ensure that I'm alerted to ship out immediately upon their paying off the horse. Example, customer note in the paypal comments box would be; " $50 deposit and $40 payment on June 20th, balance remaining $70".

If for any reason you feel I may have missed a missed a question please do not hesitate to inquire! I always try to confirm payments within a few days so these confirmation emails may be going into your spam filters.

Alternate contact information is always appreciated as well!


Reservations Will Confirmed via Emails

If you are not hearing from me my emails may be going into your spam filters. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for response but if you do not hear from me within a day or two please don't hesistate to write to me again. Using both email addresses (see contact page) to ensure your message gets through.


Was Sold as a Limited Time Edition
April 21st through June 23rd, 2012



The following information is left for the reference of customers making time payments.

Reserve your casting with a $50 non-refundable deposit below or select the payment in full option below that. You may also pay with a check or money order, contact Morgen for mailing address. Mailed payments postmarked after Saturday, June 23rd will not be accepted.

Please read all terms to the left - these deposits are being taken in advance of the castings being made. Production time will vary. Balance can be paid off at any time but is not due for 9 months - again, only these reservations in advance of casting will be possible to purchase (see Sales and Shipping Information).

Multiple Order Terms

In order to qualify for the reduced rate multiple orders must ship together. If you pay in full and then opt to order a second casting later, the $10 would be taken off of your second order, not refunded. Please remember that your first order will be moved to last in line to ship with the second based when you pay off your order. You may order 2 or more via deposit and not pay these immediately - you have 9 months. Your order will only be shipped together however when the balance is paid off.

Sales and Shipping Information

Castings are shipped when paid in full. At this time (as of June 9th) castings are shipping immediately. The online queue has been left here for anyone who might wish to check when their order was shipped out.

PLEASE NOTE that either paying for additional shipping or arranging in person pickups must be done as well when paying off your order before it will ship.

All of these reservations are in advance of casting
so when you pay for your order this deposit is used towards casting costs and is non-refundable for this reason.

All terms are subject to change. (And I try to keep any changes to the benefit of the customer!).

If for some reason you need a shipment held on to (or for any questions!), please contact me.

See also my page on Policies

Getting Your Unpainted Resin Finished

At this time I am planning to focus primarily on the sculpting and leave the finishing work to the many many wonderfully skilled painters that are out there (under the "Find a Painter" page - button up to the left - you'll find many terrific painters to chose from!). Please do check on my Find a Painter page as I'm adding new names all the time (newest names are appearing at the top).

A Personal Note from the Artist

I really feel that this work represents a very specific type of this breed's wide variety of types. I hope that my blog link above helps collectors, one of my favorite horses from the many I viewed as I was sculpting was this fellow but there were many like him and my studio is littered with images of horses like that fellow. I cannot say that Max is a portrait of any specific horse but rather my vision of the breed and its foundations.