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About Pixel
2.5 inches tall at the tippity tip of his mane, by 4 inches long. This wee 2013 sculpture is of a feisty Andalusian stallion feeling his oats! Inspired by countless beautiful liberty acts and the wonderful photography I've fallen in love with over the years, he comes to you now ready to snort and toss his head and charm your imagination next! This is my smallest work to date and it took a lot of attitude to
make the details stand out at this scale. Yet despite his bravado he remains loveable somehow and is certainly less intimidating in the palm of your hand!

Edition is now closed, pricing and terms left here for customers waiting for their orders & under time payments

Edition Information

Three month reservation period, open from Oct 20th through January 20th. Orders by advance reservation only (see terms below).

Unpainted Resin Pricing

$85 postage paid (in the US)* for Reserved Time Paid Pixel castings


$75 postage paid (in the US)* for Reserving your Pixel Castings by Paying in Full Today! Using Bill Me Later is fine for this option too!

(click on this PayPal box image for details on Bill Me Later and to sign up as a new user)

*International shipping is $12.75 extra per customer (however is unlimited # of castings) Please add this on below. Price subject to change and based on recent First Class packaging costs.

Reserve with Your Option Below

Please read all of Pixel's edition's terms & please fully understand the delays inherent in preordering timeframes before making your reservation...Thank you!

$75 PPD - PAID IN FULL PREORDER RESERVATION OPTION:   Use the $75 "Pay Now" option below to get your Pixel at a $10 discount and be placed first come first serve on the shipping list when they are ready (late Nov/Dec probably at first). $10 off for using this option and you can finance through Bill Me Later! (see link above for their terms and to sign up for their service) Edition is now closed

$85 PPD - TIME PAYMENT OPTION 1:    Use the $35 "Timepayment Deposit" button below and have 6 months to pay the $50 balance, Edition is now closed Make any remaining time payments to

$85 PPD - TIMEPAYMENT OPTION 2:   Pay only $21.25 down when you sign up for the subscription/automatic billing & the 4 month payment plan using the "Subscribe" button belowEdition is now closed

$12.75 International Shipping:  Edition is now closed, make any remaining shipping payments to

International shipping is $12.75 extra per customer (however is unlimited # of castings) Please add this on below with the button below. Price subject to change and based on recent First Class packaging costs.

*If you have an issue with any of these buttons* PLEASE PAYPAL PAYMENTS (can send amount for Pixel and shipping total) to

Payment Information & Terms

  • All castings are sold by preorder reservation during this limited time period. This allows me to not over- or under-make the number of molds and castings needed.

    towards the end of these longer limited time period editions (so here I am hoping that by mid-January) castings typically ship immediately or nearly immediately for new orders, but I can make no promises.

    If the idea of preorders worries you, please wait until the end of the edition to order when the shipping time is likely to be the shortest, OR use a time payment method instead.

  • A casting is made to order with your payment and thus reservations are non-refundable.

  • When molding and casting is completed (expected by Nov/Dec) and castings start shipping.. then your casting will be shipped immediately once it is in stock & paid in full.

  • If you wish to use any discounts please contact me first to confirm price. Discounts cannot be combined.

  • Castings will ship in the order paid off when they become available (this will start likely in Nov/Dec).

  • After the fully paid-in-full orders are shipped then any newly paid-in-full orders will ship shortly after payment is received. I do my very best to be as speedy as possible with your order. Please understand of course that these are being cast-to-order by a small skilled artisan business, and shipped by myself to you. Waiting is inevitable so if you do not wish to wait 2-3months please hold off on reserving your casting until the end of the edition in January when turnaround time should be faster.

  • Any arrangements with Bill Me Later or other credit payment services are between you and this service. These services pay me the way any credit service (such as a credit card) will. I do not have access to any information you provide them.

  • As with all my editions, if you opt for time payments know that your deposit has paid mostly for the cost of your horse which is then sitting in my studio waiting for you until the time payment period ends. As a courtesy I try to contact all customers eventually to see if something has happened (we all forget!), however I reserve the right to treat unpaid off horses as abandoned after a reasonable period of time (on the order of months or years) without any answer to my inquiries.


***NEW!**** Time Payment Information

I am now offering a new and very affordable version of automatic billing with the subscription time payment (Time Payment Option #2). This option (hopefully) frees me up more by not having me need to request payments, they are automatically billed (please read the information provided by paypal if you are new to this). I will still be confirming them which still can be rather time consuming with a large volume of customers doing payments!

With all time payments I truly appreciate everyone following through on keeping me appraised of their balance statuses so I don't have to search paypal each time to double check my #s. ANYHOW, the subscription service is a new service for me to use, although it's not uncommon for artists to use as I understand it. Please let me know if you have any issues.


Reservations Will Confirmed via Emails

If you are not getting replies from me my emails may be going into your spam filters or not getting to you for some reason. The internet is a fickle creature. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for response but if you do not hear from me within a day or two please don't hesitate to write to me again using both email addresses (see contact page) to ensure your message gets through.

Due to the busy upcoming travel & holiday season I ask that customers allow for more time possibly at times for me to respond too, I do so by hand for each person so I thank you for your understanding here!





Payment Methods Accepted

  • Payments can be made by paypal, credit card invoicing or by phone, or by mailing a check or money order to me directly. Please email me for my current snail mail address when mailing any check and money order payments as we will be moving.

    Please send all inquiries to both of the following two email addresses;;

  • Paypal payments should be addressed to

  • If for any reason you feel I may have missed a missed a question please do not hesitate to inquire! I always try to confirm payments within a few days so these confirmation emails may be going into your spam filters.

    Alternate contact information is always appreciated as well!

Sales and Shipping Information Currently the shipping for all previous editions sold by Morgen is fully caught up on. Newly paid off castings can be held and shipped together with Pixel if you wish but no discounts in shipping are possible. PLEASE NOTE that either paying for additional shipping or arranging in person pickups must be done as well when paying off your order before it will ship.

The current anticipated delay on new Pixel orders shipping is around 6-8 weeks.

All of these reservations are in advance of casting so when deposits and initial payments are entirely used towards molding, casting and shipping costs and thus these are non-refundable for this reason.

In fact it surprises people to learn that the deposits do not cover all of the costs involved! For this reason, as I cannot return boxes, peanuts, portions of additional molds made to order and all the costs per casting, I cannot refund deposits for any reason.

All terms are subject to change. Please know that I try to keep any changes to the benefit of the customer!

If for some reason you need a shipment held on to (or for any questions!), please contact me.
See also my page on Policies


Getting Your Unpainted Resin Finished

At this time I am planning to focus primarily on the sculpting and leave the finishing work to the many many wonderfully skilled painters that are out there (under the "Find a Painter" page - button up to the left - you'll find many terrific painters to chose from!). Please do check on my Find a Painter page as I'm adding new names all the time (newest names are appearing at the top).


A Personal Note from the Artist

Pixel was a delight to create but I honestly do not know how many more tiny works at this scale I've got left in me! I do look forward to seeing amazing tiny finishwork on him that people will come up with. As you look through these photos, remember that (well just look above!) his nostril edges aren't any bigger than some of my fingerprint whorls hardly! Get out your magnifying glasses... In all honesty however I did make sure to keep his details crisp and the undercuts few, so that painters of all types will be able to enjoy the process better and the results be more rewarding I hope! Just be sure to use your 000 brushes! ;)