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About the Ranch Mare
She is 1:9 scale and 9" tall and 14.5" from hoof tip to tail tip. This gal is your all purpose power house stock horse mare. She's game to tackle literally any job and kinda looks cute doing it too! She also comes in two different looks, a long or a short mane style.

Edition Information: NOW CLOSED
Price was $285 ppd *
shipping IS included * however add more for international orders

Was Available to Order For Only 6 Months:
Oct 7th through April 7th - Information left here for those making time payments

This edition will be sold only for this 6 month open period. You can pay in full or start time payments by placing a deposit only during this time.

When your payment or deposit is made a casting will be created for you. There is no limit on number you can order but there may be a wait to receive your casting as they are not made in advance. Castings ship in the order they are paid off in full and a queue may be created to allow customers to see how long a wait they may have for castings (may be several months from the time paid off). Paying sooner will ensure getting your casting sooner but you may also opt to do a long term time payment plan up to one year from when you start your time payments. See payment buttons below.

Professionally hollow cast with wire supports.

——— Pay in Full ———
Castings Ship in the Order They Are Paid
(see above)
Payment button removed

Additional Shipping for International Orders


—— Several Time Payment Plan Options!———

Deposit for Time Payment (Plan 1)
A $50 deposit reserves your copy and starts your time payments - you have up to 12 months / 1 year to pay off the balance. Initial deposit button removed - paypal payments at your own pace to:

(or) Start Monthly Automatic Payment Plans These automatic PayPal payments can be canceled at any time if you cannot make a payment for any reason & paid off at your own rate. You may also stop the automatic deductions and pay off your horse sooner if you like!

6 Monthly Payments (Plan 2)
Bills you automatically via PayPal*** for $47.50for 6 months.
Initial deposit button removed - payments will be taken automatically. You can stop the subscription at any time and pay off at your own pace to:

12 Monthly Payments (Plan 3)
Bills you automatically via PayPal*** for $24.59 for 12 months

Initial deposit button removed - payments will be taken automatically. You can stop the subscription at any time and pay off at your own pace to:

When your final payment has been made be sure to also send me an email with your current shipping address! ***(please read their terms I do not control this feature!) § Deposits and payments are non-refundable.


Paying by Check or Money Order
The same prices apply but
simple send a message to both of the following two email addresses;; to verify and get mailing address.

Orders Will Be Confirmed Via Email

If you are not getting replies from me my emails may be going into your spam filters or not getting to you for some reason. The internet is a fickle creature. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for response but if you do not hear from me within a day or two please don't hesitate to write to me again using both email addresses (see contact page) to ensure your message gets through.


Payment Methods Accepted

  • Payments can be made by PayPal, credit card invoicing or by phone, or by mailing a check or money order to me directly. Please email me for my current snail mail address when mailing any check and money order payments.

    Please send all inquiries to both of the following two email addresses;;

  • Paypal payments should be addressed to

  • If for any reason you feel I may have missed a question please do not hesitate to inquire! I always try to confirm payments within a few days so these confirmation emails may be going into your spam filters.

    Alternate contact information is always appreciated as well!




More can be seen in the comparison photo below but there are subtle differences in the tails of the two versions as well.



As of Oct 7th the long mane mold has been created and these castings are ready to start being made. Castings are not in stock, they are ordered when you order. The short maned version will be slightly more time to make as she needs to be molded too. Often at the beginning of any edition there is a large number of paid in full orders to get through. Even after these are caught up on very little inventory is kept at my studio; castings are created only when paid for and then shipped to me. I inspect then and ship them to the owners. This takes time, up to a month without delays and often if there are people in line ahead of you it can take longer.

A shipping queue will be created for PAID IN FULL orders at first so that buyers can anticipate approximately how long they will have to wait for their casting. I do realize this is important for arranging painters. Please in turn realize that you are dealing with carefully crafted art works made by hand. We all appreciate your business!

Shipping of castings will happen as promptly as possible. They are cast, shipped to Morgen from the caster and then inspected and packed by her and are sent off to you. This takes time and will result in delays of varied times throughout the edition. The later you wait to order the longer the shipping time is typically as the queue in front of your becomes bigger. This also happens as paid off orders start coming in so the queue often grows even after the edition is closed! Currently the shipping for all previous editions sold by Morgen are caught up on.

Eventually with all editions castings start to ship when paid off however it is impossible to predict when delays will come up as groups of customers may pay off and create another temporary backlog.

§ Reservations are Always in Advance of Casting so deposits / initial payments are entirely used towards molding, casting and shipping costs and thus these are non-refundable for this reason. In fact it surprises people to learn that the deposits do not cover all of the costs involved! For this reason, as I cannot return boxes, peanuts, portions of additional molds made to order and all the costs per casting, I cannot refund deposits for any reason.

Special Holds on Shipping

If for some reason you need a shipment held on to (or for any questions!), please contact me.

See also my page on Policies

Extensive Measurements

Hopefully in a few days I'll get a chance to make this chart and share. Please view my FB photos for examples of her wearing tack.

Getting Your Unpainted Resin Finished

At this time I am planning to focus primarily on the sculpting and leave the finishing work to the many many wonderfully skilled painters that are out there (under the "Find a Painter" page - button up to the left - you'll find many terrific painters to chose from!). Please do check on my Find a Painter page as I'm adding new names all the time (newest names are appearing at the top).


A Personal Note from the Artist

More to come soon, this gal was a whirlwind of inspriration for me!